Tumbling is the gymnastics element of all star cheerleading where athletes learn in a progressional (Perfection before Progression) way how to roll, flip, and twist. Here at BCA, we are committed to the highest standards of tumbling/gymnastics instruction and have built our programs in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

Classes are skill and level specific and will have athletes working towards perfecting all of the fundamental skills to properly progress to the next level.

Here you’ll find what each level focuses on:

Level 1Introduction to Tumbling – Rolls, cartwheels, bridges, handstands, Back & Front walkover, Round-offs

Level 2Handsprings – Standing back handspring, roundoff-handspring, walkover-handspring

Level 3Tucks – Handspring series, Roundoff-Handspring-tuck, ro-bt, front tuck

Level 4Layouts– Roundoff-Handspring-Layout, Handsprings to tuck/layout, Standing tuck

Level 5-7Fulls & Beyond – running layout-fulls, standing fulls, running layout-double, specialty lines